vạn hoa 
tasting menu

amuse bouche
featured daily ingredients

baby shrimp & star fruit
stir-fried shrimp, fresh tomato, dried tomato, celery, dashi jelly, starfruit foam

mushroom rice cake
flat rice dumpling, button mushroom purée, stir-fried termite mushroom, abalone mushroom flake, crispy rice, chili oil

bo bo
bo bo, crab meat, kailan, crab broth,  water celery, crab roe foam

"cow" cake
colorful “cow” cake

steamed squid
squid, leek, squash bud, ginger, squid broth

corn & pork belly
white corn, grilled pork belly, crispy cake, pickled mustard greens

grilled fish
fish consommé, fish of the day, luffa, sweet basil

whipping tofu, grilled eggplant, X.O sauce, flat bread

apple sorbet, watermelon, rose syrup, mint

beef stew
rice & cassava, beef stew, kimchi, boiled vegetable, chicken soup with straw mushroom

xu xoa
xu xoa, water chestnut, sugarcane syrup, dried lychee, shaved ice, long pepper

fermented black rice
fermented black rice, yogurt ice cream, meringue, coconut jelly

sweet tooth
“pig skin” cake, tapioca cookie, peanut candy

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