Miên an innocent gaze casted upon
Vietnamese cuisine, from roadside snacks to a mother's home-cooked meals;
from highland rice grains to the river shrimp sizzling and crackling…
all it takes is an open mouth to enjoy.

…is the sincerity I extend to you,
as your visit fills my heart with giddy delight;
with eager hands,
I offer you a sip of tea and a bite of cake. the desire to share simple joys,
as we nibble a delicacy and have a sip of spirit,
then exhale a content “aaah” each swallow. the curiosity and delight each time
I pick up a new trick; whether it is old or new,
no one can take away this thrill of discovery. my love for the present,
a reverence for the past,
and an excitement for tomorrow.

I hope Miên is a sheltering roof,
embracing the children beneath it,
for reality to flow endlessly,
hardships feel feather-light, and our feet may persist on paths not strewn with flowers.

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