Miên is a gathering spot for friends old and new, set in an environment that's as relaxed and welcoming as a family reunion. Here, it’s okay to let loose and indulge in the playful side of dining. We encourage you to laugh a little louder, share a little more, and dive headfirst into the unexpected twists of our culinary creations.

“Miên” /miən/ carries multiple layers of meaning and symbolism. In Hán Nôm (Sino-Vietnamese), “Miên” signifies a sheltering roof, a protective sanctuary, symbolizing a complete home. 

In the context of Môc Miên, a type of flower with vibrant red petals that bloom like flames, it represents an open kitchen, the heart of the restaurant, that always ablaze with passion and warmth.


The architecture and interior of Miên reflects our approach of keeping the integrity for the food. Our ambiance combines contemporary architecture with the elegant and sophisticated Wabi Sabi aesthetic of Japan. It creates a comfortable and warm environment, exuding a sense of tranquility and refined taste.

One of our prominent features is the kitchen counter, providing diners with the opportunity to observe our chefs in action. This mirrors Miên's core values of transparency and authenticity, which are central to the entire dining experience.

The dining room can accommodate a number of 40 seats, providing a cozy and intimate atmosphere that allows us to focus on delivering quality service to each guest during their dining experience.

We offer a private room with the capacity of 14 guests, providing an intimate and elegant space that is perfect for special events or private family dinners.